Sylhet Tour 2011

When I heard,we are going to Sylhet I was not interest about these. But when l arrived Sylhet I was so excited.We bought a ticket from Kamlapur Railway Station for Sylhet tour.Our train schedule was 10 pm.We arrived Kamlapur Railway Station around 9:30 pm.Our train was already there.We entered our train after find out.We went to Sylhet another family.The lady and my mom worked together.

We arrived Sylhet 6 am.I felt peace. The wind of Sylhet made me calm.We went to Rest House by microbus.Our microbus crossed the Surma River and Sylhet Circuit House.

Surma River was so beautiful and Circuit House also.Around 6:30 am we arrived Rest House.These Rest House under the Bangladesh Water Development Board.It was near Shahi Eidgha.Around 7 am we went to Delhi Restaurant for breakfast.After breakfast we went to Madhabkandhu Waterfall.It was situated Baralekha,Maulavibazar.

It is very beautiful place in Bangladesh.We enjoyed Madhabkandhu Waterfall.It was in the Madhabkabdhu Eco Park.Some of trees are here and some of snakes and monkeys are here.After visited Madhabkandhu we went to Madhabpur lake.These was so beautiful place.Some of flower grow in the lake.Those flower give Madhabpur lake another beauty.We took picture in front of the lake.After finished Madhabpur lake we went to Lawachora National Park. It was situated West Bhanugach,Maulavibazar. It covers 1250 acres of land. It is one of the evergreen forest in Bangladesh.Some monkey, some reptiles, different species of frogs, meat tigers, wild cats, and wild boars are in this forest.In 1996,It was declared National Forest.I was so tired because we walk and walk all day.But fortunently all day and night rains in these area.

After 1st day done we back our rest house.We slept at 10 pm and woke up 7 am.2nd day, we were preparing to going outside, while the monkey came and waved through the window. Then, we went to Shajalal Dargha.After Shajalal Dargha we went to Pach Bhai Restaurent for lunch.After lunch we went to Lakkatura and Manlicherra tea garden. Those two tea garden give Sylhet City another beauty. After two tea garden visited we went to Adventure World.  It was a amusement park. But unfortunently these park was closed. We walked around the park and back rest house.

Last day, we went to Jointa Hill,Tamabil and Jaflong.We drunk seven leyer tea from Red Kantho Ruposhi Tea Cabin. It was Tamabil road.After drunk seven leyer tea we went to Tamabil.Tamabil is near to Maghalaya, India.Its call zero point.

After visited Tamabil we went to Jointa Hill.We took photo and rest.After visited Jointa Hill we went to Jaflong.Jaflong is the border of India and Bangladesh. When we arrived Jaflong we took lunch from Picnic Center Restaurent.After lunch we took a boat and went to Piyain River.After finished last day we back rest house and back to Dhaka by bus.Our bus schedule was 10 pm and our bus was 1 hour late.We arrived Dhaka 7 am.

Now I miss Sylhet and Sylhet beauty.

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