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    How to Buy Amazon Product from Bangladesh by TourTodayBD

    Choice your desire product from amazon send send us that link by “Amazon Product Enquiry Form” which is located at below and at the frontpage of this website. So send us your Amazon product link using any form and wait an hour for our reply. We will reply your email with price of product including every cost in BDT. Then if you this our price is suitable for you then confirm your order and pay 50% price in advance. and rest of the money you have to pay cash on delivery time. After confirm order and 50% pay you have to wait 3/4 weeks and we will deliver your product within this time.

    Amazon Product Enquiry Form


    Most of the Bangladeshi want to buy amazon product from Bangladesh. But, Dollar Conversation Rate, Payment method, Shipping and Delivery are most common worry’s point for Bangladeshi customer/shopper who want to buy Amazon product from Bangladesh.

    We know Amazon is one of the largest ecommerce platform of the world. From Amazon we can buy different kind of trendy product of the current world. Not only that, there are lot of product and famous brands products are not available in Bangladesh. We can’t buy those (Amazon) product from Bangladesh although those product so much potential and necessary in our daily life.

    TourTodayBD’s business area.

    We (TourTodayBD) believe, “Needs don’t mean obstacles”. We are living in digital world and there are no border in digital world. So this world is free for you and you’re shopping. From now you can buy any kind of product from any country.  United State, Chania, United State of America and India is our main choice. You can also buy product from Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Alibaba and others famous online market place / store/ shop of the world.

    Who you are? Customer? Retailer? Wholesaler?

    We (TourTodayBD) import product for business with in whole sell rate for Wholesaler and Retailer who want to business with us. We deliver 100% original product to our customer without any hassle. Don’t worry about security. We will manage all formality for your authorized product. Just order to us with your product list and wait for product delivery.

    Don’t worry if you want to buy any single product from us. We will also deliver your single product to you.

    Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Alibaba’s product deliver is our main goal and we are experienced at this field. Just read amazon and other products full details before order any product.

    Amazon product price in Bangladesh

    It’s difficult to say what will be amazon product price in Bangladesh before see your product link. Because amazon products price is depend on some variable element/factor. But we can say dollar conversation rate will be same global dollar conversation. With base price of amazon you have to pay shipping charge + service charge and others fee if necessary. Please check next headings details why you have to pay other free for amazon product.

    Amazon/Product shipping rates to Bangladesh

    As you know, currently amazon officially are not in Bangladesh.  That’s why we (TourTodayBD) will order you product to amazon and our agent will receive those product at amazon supported country and from those country they will send your product to us and we will deliver those product to you. So it is only one and long process to deliver amazon product at Bangladesh.  For this process you have to pay some service charge and fee. On the other side most important things is your product shipping rate will depends on your product type, size, weight and amazon seller condition.

    We can assure you that, we are trying to make this rate as much as cheap and easy.

    Amazon Bangladesh Delivery

    Under last heading we have discuses about delivery process of Amazon Product. All of we know, currently amazon are not available in Bangladesh, that why we will buy amazon product behalf of you and we will deliver you with in short after getting order from you. For more information please read “Amazon/Product shipping rates to Bangladesh’s” paragraph.